Samsung may try to block sale of Apple's new iPhone

Samsung is considering legal action that would block the sale of Apple's next iPhone in the latest move in an increasingly acrimonious battle between the technology giants.

The South Korean company is seeking an injunction to ban the forthcoming launch of the iPhone 5 in Europe as well as Korea on the basis that the American company has poached its technology.
Although little is known about the latest version of Apple's iconic iPhone – which could be launched as early as next week – Samsung claims that it will rely on a technology that is protected by patents that it owns. The two companies have been locked in legal battles worldwide over the past few months.

Apple sued Samsung in the US in April, claiming that its products had been "slavishly" copied by its rivals. Samsung counter-sued almost immediately.

A Samsung spokesman said: "We are preparing aggressive legal suits against Apple, shifting away from our defensive strategy. We stand a good chance of winning the cases if we use our patents related to wireless communications standards."

A successful injunction would be a big blow to Apple, which is now the largest company in the world by market capitalisation and is thought to draw around half its revenue from the iPhone.

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