VLC player now available on Android

Video Lan Client or VLC player is the world’s most widely used media player and this software now comes to Android OS. We have been hearing that Android will get the VLC player since last year. VLC developers also said early this year that they will be making an Android version of the player.

This isn’t the final version though; it is in the alpha version and it is made by an independent developer. It isn’t related to the VLC developers in any way. You might be aware of the fact that VLC is essentially an open source project and independent developers can make changes to it anytime they want.

This is what the developers says on his Website – “There are two builds available of VLC for Android, known as NEON and NONEON. The difference is in the processor type. Because VLC for Android makes use of the NDK (Native Development Kit), it is compiling native-level binaries that will only work on the processor class for which they were designed. This means that the same build will not work across all devices”

Read more here: Mobiadda
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