Google Social is Exploding Online!

Now that the dust has settled from the initial launch of Google+ it is time for some analysis of the social network’s functionality and popularity. No doubt people are extremely excited with the new release of Google’s social platform, which links together personalized search, a customizable social network, and the ability to add value to any page on the web with the new and highly versatile +1. 2011 was certainly an exciting year for the company, with over 37.9 billion dollars of revenue, 96% of which came from the advertising budgets of companies such as: Amazon, eBay, Expedia, Lowes, Hewlett Packard, AT&T, Verizon, and State Farm (to name a few sources that WordStream provided). The search giant is literally dominating the online marketplace, and it doesn’t look like they are losing any momentum.

Google+ was certainly controversial during its initial launch phases. Many people doubted the ability of the famously creative company to turn their focus from search onto the development of a social platform. But it seems that once again, the people at Google have gone above and beyond the expectations of the consumer population. People can now publicly +1 literally any page on the internet. In December, the landing page for the feature of Google+ (google.com/+1/button also known as the sub-domain plusone.google.com) has grown to over 40 million unique visitors. Since November, Compete has been tracking this activity and the monthly growth for the feature has been enormous. As shown below, the Compete.com graphs for plusone.google.com are showing the growth for the month of December (remember that this feature has only been tracked since November which is where the data points start to appear):

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