How Can I Support My Tech-Challenged Loved Ones Without Going Insane?

It's often underrated, but Microsoft and Apple both have extensive knowledge-bases with tutorials and getting started guides that can help any computer novice. For example, with Microsoft offers extensive training materials to help you get started with Microsoft Office, as well as dozens of tutorial videos that can also help. Microsoft offers similar getting started and tutorial videos for Windows. Apple also offers getting started videos on how to use your Apple products, so if her new computer is a Mac, Apple has her covered as well. She can also join Apple's support community, which is a great resource for beginners with questions and answers from other Mac owners who are willing to lend a hand.

Also, don't discount the value of built-in help menus and pre-installed tutorials for a beginner. They may not be useful to you as an advanced user, and not often helpful when you're troubleshooting a specific problem, but for a novice who's learning their way around, they can be invaluable and show off little-known but time-saving features. Make sure she spends some time with the beginner's tutorials for the apps she'll use most frequently.

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