Intel Introduces High End SSD 520 Series Drives (240GB)

Over the past few years watching the evolution of SSDs, and manufacturer's approaches, has been interesting. Taking Intel as one example it is fair to say that their early implementations of the technology were class leading, offering performance which very much improved on mechanical models and stability which was second to none. In more recent generations things haven't quite been as clear cut for Intel though, SATA 3 has seen them move to 3rd party controllers rather than their own and one model did suffer from a blip on the reliability front (which was later fixed by a firmware update). That said, even in datacentre's where reliability is key you will still find that Intel is still the SSD of choice.

The most recent high performance drive we have seen from Intel was the 510 series, based on Marvell technology. As is always the case with Intel drives they took their own approach though, tailoring the firmware for operations they felt were most beneficial to end users rather than just aiming for the highest IOPS performance. The end result was some great performance in real world use such as file copy operations while still maintaining a speed advantage over the last generation of drives.

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