Apple iPhone 5 to be released on June 15?

London: Every new iPhone release has always been a hectic yet very successful one for Apple, selling faster than they can deliver. People always want what they can’t have which just makes these launches that much more troublesome.

With the New iPad out of the way, all eyes are now on the next generation iPhone which may be called anything from the iPhone 5 to just New iPhone.
Unfortunately, unlike with other iPhone debuts we could see Apple launch the iPhone 5 in the summer or later this fall following the iPhone 4S schedule. The day the Iphone 4s was announced, Apple’s stock plummeted and for good reason. While the Iphone 4s does offer performance upgrades and added features, it was not enough according to the majority of Iphone enthusiasts.

We have high hopes for this summer of course and so do the folks over at iPhone5NewsBlog.

The iPhone 5 may launch on June 15, which they believe is the last day of WWDC 2012, the traditional venue for iPhone and iOS launches.

In addition to the iPhone 5, Apple is expected to unveil iOS 6 as well. Now we’ll back the blog for the iOS 6 release rumor as Apple has yet to deviate from unveiling major iOS updates at WWDC (last year, iOS 5 was unveiled at WWDC 2011 even though the iPhone 4S didn’t show up).

“Speculation over the iPhone 5 release date has cavatated back and forth between June and sometime in the fall, with some of the more reputable tech blogs taking opposing sides and trading claims of inside sources confirming one or the other. Our own inside source in Asia told us back in November that the iPhone 5 release date would be in June. So, for me at least, June 15th seems like a definite possibility,” iPhone5NewsBlog wrote.

On the other hand some reports have suggested that 4.6-inch displays were being manufactured for the iPhone 5 in Korea in preparation for a June launch. Rumors are there that Foxconn is flash-hiring 20,000 workers at the plant that would primary focus on assembling the iPhone 5.
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