How To Unlock AT&T iPhone

If you want to unlock your iPhone from AT&T, you can do that by using AT&T online chat as mentioned by iDB or by visiting AT&T store.

Earlier, AT&T had released a statement that it will unlock iPhone starting 8th April.

In this post we will find how to unlock iPhone of AT&T for free by using AT&T online chat service.

How To Unlock AT&T iPhone

1. In the first step on your iPhone go to Settings >> General >> About and find your IMEI number.

2. Go to AT&T online chat support page by logging to your Account and then click the “Chat Now” which you will find next to technical support.

3. You will be required to fill chat form “I want to unlock my iPhone? and explain to AT&T representative that you want to unlock your iPhone and provide them with IMEI number.The representative will confirm whether you are eligible for iPhone unlock.

4. If your iPhone is eligible for unlock then you will be asked for your email address so that they can provide you with unlock details through your email address.

Have you tried to unlock AT&T iPhone?
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