Galaxy Gear updated give access to Twitter, Facebook and Gmail messages

Samsung's Galaxy Gear just got a little smarter, as it can now display partial messages from Twitter, Facebook and Gmail.

An update that enables the new features is hitting now, slowly rolling out to the Samsung smart watch.
Galaxy Gear users will now be able to see tweet activity, Gmail emails, and Facebook notifications they receive on the smart watch's 1.63-inch display.

The rub is that these messages will only be displayed in part, but Gear users will at least get a preview before deciding whether to whip out their smartphones.

Keep holding your breath

The Galaxy Gear was unveiled and launched in 2013 to a lukewarm reception.
The Samsung smart watch seems to have potential - or at least the ideas behind it do. But ultimately it doesn't do very much, it supports a limited number of smartphones, and it's bulky besides.
This update helps a bit, but Smart Watch hopefuls are still waiting for the futuristic device of their dreams. Read More ...
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