72-million-year-old dinosaur remains found in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH: The 72-million-year-old dinosaur remains have been found in Saudi Arabia for the first time.

Remains were unearthed in the north-west of the region along the Red Sea coast.

Teeth from a 20-foot-long predator were discovered as well as tail bones from a giant herbivore “tyrannosaur”.

When the dinosaurs were alive, the Arabian landmass was largely under water and formed the northern coastal edge of the African continent.

Research doctor, from University in Sweden, who led a team of scientists studying the remains, said: “Dinosaur fossils are exceptionally rare in the Arabian Peninsula, with only a handful of highly fragmented bones documented this far.

“This discovery is important not only because of where the remains were found, but also because of the fact that we can actually identify them.

“Indeed, these are the first taxonomic-ally recognizable dinosaurs reported from the Arabian Peninsula.

Similar dinosaurs have been found in North Africa, Madagascar and South America, another researcher of the team said.
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